To create a safe and inclusive community for women, free from inequality and injustice.


Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for vulnerable women who may be experiencing homelessness or disadvantage. A place of safety, dignity and acceptance that will empower women to rebuild and transform their lives. A place where women are encouraged to self-determine through a strength-based approach.



We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment that offers respect and dignity for all women to access essential practical and emotional supports.


We embrace women of all cultures, backgrounds and religions. We promote client centred, culturally responsive, individualised support that meet the diverse needs of all women.


We offer a safe home like environment that encourages trust as the foundation of recovery and rebuilding lives. We prioritise physical and emotional safety in all aspects of our service to create a safe working environment.


We value honesty and fairness and strive for transparency and accountability in all that we do.


We work closely with the community to promote holistic and sustainable outcomes for a better future and a sense of connectedness.


We believe strongly in partnering for impact and work collaboratively to build positive, professional and respectful relationships to achieve mutually agreed goals.


We embrace creative opportunities to utilise resources and are committed to responding to identified gaps to support vulnerable women in the community.